Texas College Scholarships, Grants, & Student Loans Resources

Are you a Texas college student or prospective college students who needs help paying for college? Here’s what you need to know about finding information about scholarships, grants, and student loans– and how you can use the web as a resource to find money for college.

Grants and Scholarships for Texas College Students

For most students, searching for college scholarships can be a real challenge, especially during an economic downturn. Since Texas is the third largest state in the nation in terms of population, there’s always lots of competition for scholarships and grants. However, it’s important to invest the time to applying for scholarships because even though this can be time consuming, you just can’t beat free money! Here are a few tips on how to use the web to find college scholarships.

One of the most comprehensive directories of college scholarships for Texas students on the web is College for all Texans. This website has information on scholarships and grants that are available to students with specific backgrounds and specialties (like accounting and nursing), and also has information about more general scholarships. For all scholarships and grants listed on this site, there’s detailed information on where and how to apply, along with eligibility requirements and deadlines. Additional information is available on this site about Pell Grants and other general financial aid information, as well as information for military families.


For students who attend or who are about to attend the University of Texas at Austin, a visit to Texas Scholarships.com is a must, as this is the portal for information about scholarships at this institution. This comprehensive website has information on scholarships for incoming students, undergraduates, and graduate students. It lists scholarships that are specific to University of Texas students and also provides lots of links to resources on the web and national scholarships.

Student Loan Information for Texas College Students

The state organization in Texas in charge of administering student loans is the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Association, which is commonly known as TG. This somewhat unusual “public-not-for profit corporation,” which was founded in 1979, receives its revenue entirely from loan fees and receives no funding from the state of Texas — but that may or may not be of interest to students.

What students need to know about this organization is that it’s the place to go for information about student loans in Texas. So for one stop information shopping, be sure to check out the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation website for information about planning for college, lenders, managing student loans, and more.

Another good place on the Web for Texas students to look for information about loans is the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board website. This organization provides low-interest loans to college students who attend or plan to attend a public Texas college or university.

Remember, when looking for scholarship, grant, and loan information, take advantage of resources other than just the web. Talk to your guidance counselor and take advantage of available resources at your high school or college. However, there is quite a bit of useful information on the web, so hopefully these resources will provide you with a good starting place.

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